The License Agreement (“agreement”, "terms") is a legal contract between you and Wilde Presets ("us", "our", "we"). In this agreement, "presets" and "files" are defined as the product you purchase from Wilde Presets as identified on your sales receipt. “You”, “your”, “end user”, and “licensee” are defined as and refer to the customer who has purchased a license to use the presets.

When you purchase presets from Wilde Presets, you are purchasing a license to use our presets under a particular set of conditions. It’s important to read and understand this agreement because it defines your rights as the licensee, acceptable use of the presets, and the rights that Wilde Presets reserves. Purchasing, downloading, installing, or using the files indicates your confirmation that you understand and agree to the terms of this agreement and that you have the authority to bind the person or entity specified on your sales receipt  (“licensee”) to the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, you are not permitted to purchase, download, install, or use our presets or freebies.

Upon purchase of our files (or download of our freebies), you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, revocable Standard License to download, install, and use our presets for personal and professional use to edit your photos. The license does not grant you any ownership to our presets, nor is it considered a sale of any rights to our presets. You are only granted a Standard License to use our presets in accordance with these terms. 

The files may be installed and used only on the devices of the licensee. You may not use the files in any manner that makes them accessible to the public or non-licensed third parties. You may not distribute the files or any copy thereof to any third party. If a third party such as a friend, client, designer, independent contractor, employee, or a freelancer creating content for the benefit of the licensee, needs to install the files for any reason, they must purchase their own license directly from Wilde Presets. 

Can I share the presets I purchase with others, such as my friends, family, photographer, designer, client, or co-workers? No. It's illegal to redistribute our presets without our permission. 1 purchase = 1 license = 1 user. Each user can install a purchased preset collection on up to two (2) devices for use by the same user. A preset purchased with a single user license cannot be installed on multiple devices for use by multiple users.

You are strictly prohibited from modifying, adapting, making derivative works, reverse-engineering, sharing, selling, gifting, licensing, sub-licensing, transferring, assigning, hosting, distributing, copying, posting onto any public network, or otherwise commercially exploiting the presets. You are not permitted to purchase or access the presets with the intent to build similar or competitive presets. If we have reason to believe that you have breached these terms, you agree to relinquish your license, cease use, and destroy all copies of the files. Furthermore, we will use all available remedies at law to prevent additional prohibited use and to remedy past prohibited use.

Our work is protected by International Copyright & Intellectual Property Law and we remain the sole owner of all rights, titles, and interests in our work. Under no circumstances may the licensed files be sold or given away to any third party. Infringers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The licensee agrees to treat the files as confidential information and exercise reasonable care to avoid unauthorized distribution of the files. Except as expressly provided in these terms, we do not grant you any rights or ownership in respect to the files. We reserve all rights not granted under these terms. 

Wilde Presets is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the use of our presets.

Wilde Presets expressly reserves the right to amend or modify future versions of this License Agreement at any time and without prior notification. If you have any questions or need clarification on the terms of this agreement, please contact us.