How To Adjust Skin Tones in Lightroom

Our presets are created for all skin tones. In the rare event that the presets sightly alter your skin tone, you'll want to adjust the orange bar. The orange bar is where skin tones fall. You may find that the presets work perfectly, or you may find that the skin is slightly too dark, too light, or too orange. If adjustments need to be made to the skin tone, I highly recommend adjusting the orange luminance and the orange saturation sliders ever so slightly!

👉🏼 To get to the orange bar on the free Lightroom mobile app, you'll click the Color tab, which is located in the bottom menu where you see the crop, light, presets, etc tabs. Once you click color, you will click the Color Wheel Icon next to Mix. From there, you'll click the Orange Circle.

Orange Luminance: The lower (-) the orange luminance, the darker and more tan skin will look. The higher (+) the orange luminance, the lighter and brighter skin will look.

Orange Saturation: If the skin tone is too orange, you may want to lower (-) the orange saturation. Be careful with the orange saturation slider! If you slide too low, you’ll lose all skin tone, and if you slide too high, skin will look too orange!

I hope this helps! If ever you have any questions or need help with adjustments, please feel free to get in touch! We love what we do, we're incredibly responsive, and take great care of our customers! We want you to be satisfied with the outcome!!

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