One Click Magic by Wilde Presets

Editing each photograph can be a difficult, time consuming process that can cost you valuable time and energy. Each photo can take a great amount of time to complete + it can be difficult to achieve the perfect balance between all the different settings; saturation, luminance, highlights, and shadows. Fortunately, this is a concern of the past. Streamline your workflow and create stunning photographs in an instant using our Lightroom presets!

Presets are instant, one click filters that you can apply to your photos. Sometimes with our busy lives, it’s difficult to find the time to manually edit each individual photo. Maybe you're not experienced with editing, or maybe you lead a busy life! Presets are an easy, one click solution as they allow you to quickly edit your photos within seconds, on the go, using only your phone (or computer)!

We hope our presets help make your editing experience fun and easy, so you can capture and share your memories the way that you want to remember them! We’re incredibly responsive and take great care of our customers. Please feel free to get in touch with us at with any questions and we'll be happy to help :)

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